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Scent of an Aries: The fragrance combination of black pepper, lemon, and frankincense is ideal for the Aries personality type as it is as outgoing as the Aries is.

Aries Facts

If you were born between the dates of March 21 through April 21, you have probably been told that there is something special, attractive, and/or passionate about you that others can't pin down. You've probably also been complimented on your ability to lead and take charge in any situation.

Well, depending on how long you've lived in this world, this would not surprise you as the key qualities of your personality includes being a natural born leader, optimistic, and passionate. Though Aries is known for their quick tempers, you're the physical manifestation of the complete being as when you're understood by another, you're known to being open; however, when you feel distrust, you are known to lash out with the most fiery rage and anger known in the zodiac family.


What makes Aries So Special:

Ruler: Mars

If you've ever wondered what makes Aries so special....well, they are ruled by one of the most powerful Gods of the zodiac, the God of War. This could be why Aries has such a warrior spirit about them. Mars rules over the base chakra and ability to express our selves clearly.

House Ruled: 1st

Aries rules the first house and it represents leadership, self-expression, the physical self and beauty, fresh start and beginnings.

Element: Fire

Aries is the first of the Fire element and is known for their fiery personality be it in moments of pleasure or pain. To know an Aries is to understand that whether it is romantic or platonic, you are getting the best of two worlds.

Quality: Cardinal

Aries is a Cardinal sign and this means they are a sign of initiation. As a Cardinal sign, Aries kick starts the Spring season and this makes them great leaders.

Color: Red

Red is the color of passion, fire, love, lust, desire, danger, strength, power, and determination. The color is the representation of the Aries personality (both positive and negative).

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17

These numbers represent the dates of the week, birth dates, or actual numbers you could play to win for example the bingo, the lottery, or some other game that you might enjoy playing.

Day of the Week: Tuesday

The day of the week associated with Aries is Tuesday as this is known as Mars Day, or Mardi (French) or Martes (Spanish).


Aries Likes & Dislikes


Aries are known for being adventurous, courageous, versatile, positive, and compassionate. In that same spirit, and Aries also holds the negative traits of being arrogant, stubborn, impulsive, indiscipline, and confrontational.

Love Match: Libra & Leo

With a fiery personality like Aries, a love match would have to be an individual who is balanced and confident. The Libra will keep Aries balanced by providing support emotionally, which allows the Aries to fully express themselves and feel trust within their relationship. While, the Leo will allow Aries to feel confident and lead the relationship. Though they are compatible, they are not a match made in heaven, as when the Aries doesn't feel wanted or trust within the relationship this may cause trouble for both it's matches. With the Libra, Aries may become more confrontational than usual which will push the overtly honest and balanced sign away; while with Leo, the two may butt heads as their level of arrogance and ability to be self-centered may be a challenge for the relationship.

General Product Info:

Scent Strength: Medium - Strong depending on the size of the room.

Materials: Clear glass container, wood wick, fragrance, silver mica colorant.

Candle Sizes Available: 8 oz soy of wax. Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches; color and appearance may vary slightly from photo. 

Use: Soy Wax burns nice and clean and is Eco-friendly! Tin containers can be returned to our shop for an added discount on future orders for recycling. We greatly value your love and protection of our Mother Earth. Burn time approximately 40+ hours. 

Gifting: All gifts are processed as requested, only provide name and address to where gift is to be shipped. Gifts are processed with note from sender is requested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom and personalized orders

Candles take 1 week to cure and are shipped Priority 2 Day. You will receive them about 9 days after order is placed.

Ex: Order place on 1st.
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Sizing details

Bulk and wholesale candles are available in these sizes.

Flat Tins
2 oz mini tins

Width: 2.5"
Height: .9"

4 oz flat tins

Width: 3.3"
Height: 1.1"

Deep Tins

2 oz tins

Width: 2.0"
Height: 1.5"

Gold/Silver Tins

4 oz tins

Width: 2.6"
Height: 1.9"

6 oz tins

Width: 2.8"
Height: 1.8"

Custom and personalized orders

Fragrance Options:

You have the choice of choosing one of our listed fragrances or mixing a few to create your own distinct scent, simply list the fragrances you would like mixed together in the personalization section of your order and it will be prepared for.

Custom and personalized orders


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Why have you switched to only using zinc wicks?

Due to issues with vendors wooden wicks, we've decided to return to only using zinc wicks.

The pictures will show wooden wicks for now until we are able to retake them.

Prices of candles will be adjusted accordingly.

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