Allowing my passion to enhance your lives is the ultimate goal.

I began making candles for my home in 2013 and one year later, while Penélope was growing strong in my womb, I began making body butters, creams, and lotions for our little family to transition us into a more healthier lifestyle.

It wasn't until 2017, when Penny and I were elbow deep in baking soda making bath bombs that I realized I could create a small local business out of all the products that I'd been making.

We began with candles and bath bombs, but now with each new idea, fragrance, and customer, I fall deeper in love with my decision to go into business as a natural product merchant.

Our goal is to create luxury products that enhances the lives of our customers. Each product is made with our customers in mind. Be it the busy moms like myself who just needs a warm bath, dads looking to grow out their beards, or you, who just want your home to be an oasis. I'm sure we have something for everyone in our growing shop.

We seek to help bring balance into your life with our aromatherapy candles and a healthier way to enhance your beauty with our natural products.

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