The month of October is filled with fiery energies of Mars and mysterious energies of Pluto. We begin the month with a full moon in Aries on October 9th and continue the month with a new moon in Scorpio on the 25th of October. 

Full Moon

We start our month in the sign of Aries with a full moon. We are in fiery Aries on Sunday, Oct 9th. With the fiery energy of the full moon, we will be asked to review our place in this world. Our Solar Plexus will either be balanced or challenged by this energy. Depending on the life that you are living, your answers to who you are and what you serve in this world will be answered on this day.

We will be using the colors of gold/yellow. Both colors affect our Solar Plexus and helps us to balance our place in this world. Both colors are of manifesting so it is important to be at peace on this day. Acknowledge the frequencies that the Sun may present and meditation on both energies of the solar and lunar.

New Moon

 The new moon promises to be an intense period of time for the planet as a whole. This may be the time when we are to protect ourselves the most. It is important that you do research on the Scorpio energy so that you become familiar with the aspects of the energies that will be present on this new moon. No matter the chaos, practice the ritual of releasing and this goes for all aspects of your life.

Typically, I would advise the color of the day as a guide for meditation, however, with the new moon being so intense, the colors of black, brown, green, and white are advised to be worned and meditated upon instead of the color red. 

For mor information on the October Moon Activities please visit our youtube channel.