The month of March is filled with enlightening energy. The month of March is a combination of Water & Earth energies. This is a moment for you to cleanse your body and allow your emotions to reach a healing space.

The New Moon

On March 2, 2022 the New Moon is in Pisces (a water sign). Pisces is ruled by Neptune which rules over the Third Eye. The New Moon falls on a Wednesday, which means it is ruled by Mercurian (Gemini & Virgo) energies. This is a great day to clear some communication issues. Meditate on improving relationships that require clear and concise communication. Also, a great day to clear up your technological devices of any old out-dated information.As Mercury rules over the energy of communication, Neptune rules over our ability to see the truth. This is a moment to be honest with your relationships including the one with yourself.

The New Moon requires a purple candle to be burned as this will allow you to hone your royal energies....meaning your higher frequencies. The color purple is a color of clairvoyance and clarity. 

The Full Moon

The Full Moon falls on a Friday under the sign of Virgo. This means Love will be in the air during this Full Moon. Though FM are known to be chaotic and frustrating, this full moon could be a chance to clear up some broken relationships. As Venus (Taurus & Libra)  rules over Friday, this is a day of balance and abundance.

The FM brings with it a great amount of feminine energy, so you may want to meditate on your feminine aspects. This is a good time to sage your home, essentials, and yourself. A rose salt bath, along with burning a GREEN candle will bring balance during this FM.

It is important to be of sound mind, heart, Soul, and Spirit when meditating on the Moon's energies. Remember, the moon is connected to your right hemisphere of your brain. Meaning, this is your intuitive side of life, the side that connects you with the invisible, unknown. If you are going through experiences that have caused hardship  it is best to resolve these issues by involving some clearing practices such as salt baths, sage cleansings, crystal healings, and more. The moon energies are meant to allow our Souls and Spirits to continue through its growth process. No matter who you are or what you believe in, these are the times that you should be using to help yourself grow.