So, you're stressed! Nothing is going as planned! What or how do you correct this moment in your life? 

Stop! Stand! Stare! Smile! Sit! Close Your Eyes! And REALIZE You are MORE!

Why is meditation so important? 

Meditation is not simply closing your eyes and letting the darkness in. Meditation is more than finding a quiet place and letting the silence in. Meditation is more than not allowing the world to enter your safe zone. 

Meditation is allowing your past to be healed. Your trauma to see life for the first time. Your triggers to resign from their ongoing position of stressing you out. You lostness to be found.

Who are You? What are You? How are You?

Meditation is living your life as you wish. As you sit on that bus listening to your favorite song, you have the opportunity to meditate. As you sit at your at your desk staring at that screen, you have the opportunity to go deep within and see whom you really are.

Meditation is allowing your peace forward and allowing your warrior that space to live. Everyday of our lives we are fighting, we are surviving, and yet we strive. Everyday of our lives, we question oursleves, and yet we keep going. We never give up because that's not an option. Giving up is not something that we do.

So, we cry. We scream. We drink. We smoke. And yet, nothing is resolved.

I tell you....MEDITATE. Find out who you were before the world labeled you. Find out who you were born to be before doubt over powered your life. Because in the end, all we have is ourselves. All we have is that moment when life first began. The doctor pulled you out of your safe zone and slapped your butt. You yelped out of not knowing. And believe it or not....It's time that you KNOW.