The power of unconditional love while experiencing expansion.

The month of August teaches us to give into love. The beginning of the month is all about expansions. This could be in our personal affairs, spiritual wellbeing, or professional life. We are to focus our ability to expand using the energy of Jupiter which naturally rules over Aquarius and Sagittarius. By the end of the month, we are asked to open our nurturing hearts in the sign of Virgo and release all negative feminine energies, while embracing our ability to grow, love, and be one with ourselves and others.

Full Moon

The Water Bearer, Aquarius, the bringer of knowledge, wisdom, and expansion presents himself on August 12th. With this new moon, we are asked to work on that which we have been attempting to manifest. Expansion is the name of this full moon, and Jupiter will be present ready to aid, provide, and guide. Though Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces until November 24th, the energies of expansion  are still present. 

With the retrograde of Jupiter in Pisces, we are asked to take a moment to focus on our Brow (3rd Eye) chakra and realize what it is we need to expand on. It could be our viewpoint. It could be our own limitations that we place on ourselves, no matter, we are to be meditating and working on expansion as a whole. We will be in the aura of unconditional love on this Friday, so focus your energies on that which you love and admire.

During this time, we are to be working with the colors of green, the element of Air, and balancing our masculine energies. No matter if you are male/female, we all share masculine and feminine energies and it is imperative that we learn to balance and work with them properly. You may wear the color green, lite a green candle, working with green aventurine and rose quartz crystals.

New Moon

The sign of Virgo is the most nurturing sign of the zodiac. Virgo is known as the maiden of the zodiac. They carry with them the energy of carrying like a parent, preferrably a mother figure. There are stages to the energy of Virgo which includes the girl, lady, woman, and crone. The best way to work with this zodiac is the apply your age group to the sign and see where you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and finally spiritually. 

The new moon tells us to spend time working on our unconditional love of self and others. Mothers lack the ability to hate, and therefore if you have the need to understand the maiden's energy, think of a time when you angered your mother and her reaction to you. This is the best way to hone the energy of Virgo and better understand who you are and the amount of work you need to complete in your life.

We will be working with the color black which is the color of death, rebirth, and mystery. The color black is used when we wish to release negative energy as in black onyx crystals, experience rebirth as in the energies of the universe, or in understanding the mysteries of our mind as in sitting quietly with our eyes closed. Use black candles, crystals, and clothing to enhance your meditations for the new moon.

The color purple is the color of majesty, the color of royalty. Purple is used to remind us that we all have a place in this world that is necessary and important. Without one another, there would be missing pieces to our reality. Take the time to incorporate amethyst crystals, purple candles, and purple garments within your meditation in order to realize the true potential of the new moon in Virgo.

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