January 18, 2022

By: MJ Faublas for TheMahoganiCompany

The Moon represents our subconcisous Self. That shadow persona that holds all of our secrets, while never judging us. This is that one aspect of Self where we can truly be whom we were born to be. And if you tap into this energy early in your life (specifically at a young age), you have the ability to live a profound life--filled with love, an abundance of happiness, and true Self-acceptance.

When studying the Moon, understand that the New Moon is the time for us to plant seeds to later be harvested in the Full Moon cycle. Complete a birthchart of yourself so that you may full understand whom you are from the surface (Sun sign) to the unseen ( Moon sign).

The New Moon in Capricorn this new year allows us to ground our energy, while taking responsibility for tbe past decisions we've made that may have hindered our growth in the 3D world. 

At the same time, the New Moon energy, provides us with the ability to connect with our emotional body. This connection will brings us in close contact with our child-Self. We can than heal what needs to be healed and continue the growth process.

As we continue this year, begin a routine centered around the Moon energies and movements. In staying connected with the Moon, you will find it easier to center your innerSelf and live a more prosperous life.

Visit the YT channel Mahoganico for more information on January's Moon activites and ways to introduce meditation and other positive rituals into your life in order to bring about your inner manifestation.